Q. How does Narconon® Drug Education align with the new curriculum guidelines?
A. The Narconon drug education format aligns with Sub-Section 2.4 Drug Education In The Curriculum ( Section 351, Education Act 1996 ) Key Stages 2, 3,& 4, regarding the effects of drugs, alcohol, solvents and tobacco on body functions and general health.

Q. How much do the presentations cost?
A. Contact the Narconon Drug Education office for current tariffs. Full or partial sponsorship from the corporate sector is also often available.

Q. How many pupils do you prefer to address in a session?
A. We range from 30 to full lecture halls or assemblies. We understand it’s easier to work around a school’s timetables and schedules. In that way it makes less problems for the PHSE teachers involved.

Q. Can the length of sessions be varied if required?
A. Yes, the format can be modified to allow for time constraints.

Q. How long has the Narconon Drug Education network been delivering drug education in schools?
A. Since 1985 in the UK.

Q. Are your presentations available across the UK?
A. Yes. For Northern Ireland, however, we require three months notice for bookings.

Q. Is there any religious content in the Narconon Drug Education format?
A. No. Narconon Drug Education UK is a secular charity.

Q. Does Narconon Drug Education work with other organisations?
A. Yes. We sit on the National Drug Prevention Alliance and work with other local groups wherever possible.

Q. How does Narconon Drug Education stand on the current “Harm Minimisation“ approach?
A. We are vehemently against it. Drugs are dangerous, either physically, mentally or both. There are no grey areas with regard to this.



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