For us to achieve effective permeation right across the UK takes resources. Whilst many private schools are able to pay for Narconon® Drug Education visits this is not the case for the State sector and youth clubs etc. Each school year requires funding from corporations, small businesses and individuals in order that we can turn the tide of drug abuse with effective drug education.

Any amount helps the forward progress of our organisation and is welcome but currently for us to be able to deliver a presentation anywhere in England, Scotland or Wales costs £200. A sponsored local lecture costs £160 i.e. one located in London, the Home Counties, Manchester, Yorkshire or Sussex.

Your sponsorship will help us reach between 25 to 300 students with each presentation. In many cases it will literally save lives. The war against drugs is a war that can be won, but key to its success is preventative drug education. Children are our future. Drugs blight that future. Your sponsorship can genuinely make a difference.



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