"I've got my son back"

  • a Holistic approach Since 1968
  • a Drug-FREE Withdrawal system (No prescribed drugs)
  • full detox with vitamins & minerals
  • restoring physical health
  • restoring Life Skills


Drug-Free Withdrawal from Drugs and Alcohol

Each individual is given around the clock supervision whilst on withdrawal until they reach the point where they are eating and sleeping well and are not experiencing any discomfort. Specific and natural nutrition is administered to assist the body to repair and rebuild itself. This can have additional benefits, such as helping the individual to sleep better. On this step each person is regularly given a specially blended formula of certain vitamins. In addition, calcium and magnesium is given as this can sometimes aid with relaxation and muscle cramping.

New Life Detoxification (sauna) programme

The sauna part of the programme comprises an exact daily regime to assist the body to rid itself of many unwanted and potentially harmful toxins. Some drug residues and toxins can remain stored in your body for years. These drug residues and toxins can affect your awareness, ability and attitudes. They can cause you to experience cravings and adverse symptoms, including depression.

Do you work with other organisations?

Yes. We sit on the National Drug Prevention Alliance and work with other local groups wherever possible.

Is there any religious content in the format?

No. this is a secular charity, although holistic and therefore with utmost respect for the persons spiritual values.

Life Skills Courses

"Three years clean and sober now..."

Most people who become addicts are using the addiction to deal with part of their life. Over 40 years of practice has proven that our Life-Skills courses can help put their addiction in the past.



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